This was a live SAPUI5 online training session conducted for free as a give back to community in the Covid 19 pandemic situation. We successfully completed the course.

The recorded videos of SAPUI5 course is available for purchase at for a discounted price of $10. Referring these videos will definitely make you get started with SAPUI5.

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Course content of SAPUI5 online training

  1. SAPUI5 Introduction
  2. SAPUI5 MVC structure
  3. SAPUI5 development environment setup
  4. SAPUI5 hello world program
  5. SAPUI5 model types
  6. SAPUI5 bindings
  7. SAPUI5 JSON model
  8. SAPUI5 Property binding
  9. SAPUI5 List example
  10. SAPUI5 aggregation binding
  11. SAPUI5 Odata model
  12. SAPUI5 application consuming OData service

About Trainer

This course was conducted by Amit. He is a corporate trainer for MNCs and IT companies and his core expertise includes SAP ABAP, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, ABAP on HANA and Web Development. He is active at Social Media and loves to connect. Please find his LinkedIn profile at

Introduction to SAPUI5

What is SAPUI5?

SAPUI5 is the new UI programming language from SAP.

It is also know as the “UI development toolkit for HTML5”.

The SAPUI5 library is built on top of JQuery and other open source languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

How useful it will be to learn SAPUI5?

All Fiori apps are written using SAPUI5 as their underlying programming language.

SAP S/4 HANA , the new enterprise solution from SAP considers SAP Fiori as the new face of SAP.

SAPUI5 is there to stay. Organizations understand the benefit of creating SAPUI5 applications, so learning SAPUI5 will be a good choice.

Other important questions:

Do we need to learn HTML, CSS and JS in order to learn SAPUI5?
What is SAP Fiori?
How long it will it take to learn SAPUI5?
Is is a suitable choice for freshers?
Should functional consultants learn SAPUI5?
What will happen to ABAP if we have now ABAP?
It is suitable for ABAPers to learn SAPUI5?


  1. Hi Amit,
    Thank you for sharing the videos. I like the way you explained the topics. Please continue to share the tutorial videos.

  2. Hey Amit , i have one doubt … in the video on the time 1:12:00 you show a list of controls that we can use inside a list control, so my question is.. How can i find this list in my DemoKit ?
    I want know how i can find which controls i can use inside a different controls.

    Thank you !

  3. Hey Amarmn, thank you for update with the last 2 sessions … Could you put the next sessions on the Youtube ? Is better because my english is not so good and on the youtube i can put a subtitle.
    thank you for this i hope that you have a good weekend !

  4. title}”>



    Data is not coming in above view. Can somebody help.I had made JSON model named as Jmodel. I am reading data from the file “Data.json” which is keep in web app folder. configuration is correct in manifest.json

  5. Hello, can you please upload the videos about 3 and 4 sessions. There are some people waiting this because we can’t follow in the live meeting

    best regards

  6. i just what say … very good first session, i’m looking forward for the second video.
    my regards from Brazil .

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