sapui5 expression binding example

SAPUI5 Expression Binding How to Use – Part 7 – sapui5 tutorial for beginners

Expression binding is useful when you want to do formatting in the view based on a simple calculation. Expression binding works similar to custom formatter functions and should be given preference over custom formatter functions when the expression to be applied is simple like comparison of values.

This example illustrates how to use expression binding in SAPUI5.

Based on my previous example, I have a list. I am using ObjectListItem control to display the list along with price. We add another property numberState to the code. The binding starts with = sign and such type of binding is known as Expression binding as the = sign is followed by a simple JavaScript expression. You can diffrentiate model binding inside the expression by placing a $ symbol. In the Expresson binding code, the model binding value is used to derive the state. Based on this state, the formatting gets applied in the view.

<List id="ProductList" headerText="{i18n>ListTitle}" 
      class="sapUiResponsiveMargin" width="auto" 
  <ObjectListItem id="ObjectList" 
     title="{product>Quantity} x {product>ProductName}"
     number="{path: 'product>ExtendedPrice'}"
     "{= ${product>ExtendedPrice} > 10 ? 'Error' : 'Success' }"

The model binding value is compared with 10. If it is more that 10, its Error state depicted by red color and if it is less that 10, its Success state depicted by Green color.

sapui5 expression binding example
sapui5 expression binding example output

sapui5 expression binding true false scenario

As you aware that you can use SAPUI5 Expression Binding instead of custom formatter functions for simple calculations, one such scenario would be true false scenario. For example, based on true or false I should display or hide an icon, or based on true false case I should enable or disable a control.

//The icon is displayed only when value 
//of status property is success. 
//The expression binding returns 
//Boolean value to property visible.
  visible="{= ${status} === 'success' }">

sapui5 expression binding complex expressions

Using && in expression:

visible="{= ${status} === 'success' && ${value} > 100 }"

Using || in expression:

visible="{= ${status} === 'success' || ${value} > 100 }"

Enabled if the doEnable property of model holds value true

enabled="{= ${/doEnable} === true }"

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