OnePlus Nord or Google Pixel 4a, which is better?

OnePlus Nord


Google Pixel 4a

I have done a complete comparison of OnePlus Nord(8GB -12GB RAM,256 GB Storage) VS Google Pixel 4a(6GB RAM,128GB Storage). Looking at the price tag, they both are mid-range smartphones. However, Google Pixel 4a comes with 6GB Ram up to 128 GB (Non-expandable storage), and the OnePlus offers to upgrade beyond its base 8GB/128GB configuration – up to 12 GB of RAM and also 256 GB of storage. Most people would be satisfied with 128 GB Storage, the choice to double it (for a cost) is excellent to own. OnePlus Nord and Google Pixel4a both are the hottest in the gadget block. However, considering various factors, let us try to determine which is worth buying out of OnePlus Nord and Google Pixel 4a.

ParametersOnePlus NordGoogle Pixel 4a
PriceOnePlus Nord was launched in India on 21st July 2020, comes with fantastic features for a price under Rs 25,000 as until now.Google Pixel 4a was launched on 3rd august 2020 and is priced competitive to OnePlus Nord, i.e., around Rs. 25,000.
Memory and Storage FeaturesOnePlus Nord offers to upgrade beyond its base 128 GB of internal storage, easily manageable by 8GB RAM -12 GB RAM.
OnePlus Nord gives you the advantage of expanding from 128 GB memory that can be expandable up to 256 GB, almost double of Google Pixel 4a.
It comes up with a dedicated SD card slot to enable you to add an external card.
Google Pixel 4a avails of 128 GB storage, which is non-expandable, with 6 GB of RAM.
Google Pixel 4a also does not comes with a separate slot for external memory cards.
Display FeaturesOnePlus Nord display size is 16.36 Cms (6.44inch) HDR10 with a 90 HZ Fluid AMOLED resolution of 2400×1080 pixels, and it is 10% bigger in size than Google pixel 4a, allows you to browse, read, and watch movies, which is superb on the Bigger screen.
The Gorilla Glass v5 screen protection display makes it unbreakable.
It has an aspect ratio of 20:9 and has a density of 409 PPI pixels, which is enough to give you a fantastic experience while watching movies and playing games.
Google Pixel 4a comes with a screen size of 14.76 Cms (5.81 inches). It has an aspect ratio of 19:5:9 and has a density of 443 PPI pixels.
The pixels resolution is 2340×1080 pixels with OLED experience 60HZ Display is lesser than OnePlus Nord. Google Pixel comes with a Gorilla Glass v3 display.
A large screen size has become common with all mid-range smartphones, but not sure why Google decided to have a screen size below 6inch.
OS (Operating System) and Processor FeaturesOnePlus Nord has an Android 10 OxygenOS 10.5 operating system. If we compare both the processor of the device, OnePlus Nord is power-packed with Qualcomm Processor 756G. It has an Adreno 620 along with the primary clock speed of 2GHz octa-core.
You will get similar performance in the two handsets, but Adreno 620 is new and scores slightly better than Adreno 618.
Goggle Pixel 4a has an Android 10 operating system. It also comes with the power-packed Qualcomm 730 G.
Google Pixel 4a has an Octa-Core Processor. This processor comes along with the Adreno 618 primary clock speed of 2GHz.
Camera FeaturesOnePlus Nord comes with a quad-cam of 48MP main+8MP ultra-wide + 5MP depth +2MP Macro, which is useful for you with enhancing effects like blur, zoom, and super wide-angle pictures.
OnePlus Nord comes with a 48MP Quad rear camera, including ultra-wide, Macro, portrait, AI scene recognition features with HDR and pro mode plus features like time-lapse and slow-motion.
The front camera comes With a 32 MP primary and 8 MP Ultra-wide angle of the front camera. OnePlus Nord the as a higher camera resolution in the rear and front camera more than Google Pixel 4a, which is why this an excellent camera.
Google Pixel 4a is equipped with one rear camera, 12.2 MP for the primary rear camera. Rear flash is also available to capture images in dark places. Google Pixel 4a comes with 2x optical zoom and super res onboard for up to 8x superb magnification.
Various features of its camera include:
Panoramic View
Google Pixel 4a has a front camera of 8 megapixels. Google Pixel 4a merely is refreshing, but that its weakness too. Google Pixel 4a also provides a panoramic view, portrait mode, and time-lapse. Great photos are your priority, pick google pixel 4a undoubtedly.
Battery Capacity and WeightOnePlus Nord has a powerful battery of has a battery power of 4115 mAh,
which is made up of lithium polymer. It also comes with USB 3.1 Warp 30T fast charging well even better than google pixel 4a. OnePlus Nord scores some extra points.
The weight of the device is 184 g.
Google Pixel 4a has a 3140 mAh lithium-ion battery. The gadget’s weight is very light and easy to carry, and it is somehow 143 g. It comes with 18 W fast charging.
Well, then this is some win-win add on point as it is more comfortable to hold and carry on wherever you go.
WarrantyOnePlus Nord comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device and six months manufacturer warranty for the in-box accessories following the standard practice.Goggle Pixel 4a similarly also provides you a one year warranty from the date of purchase, including box accessories.
Accessories in the boxIn the box of OnePlus Nord, you will be getting :
OnePlus Nord
Warp 30 T Charger
Red USB Type C Cable
SIM Ejection tool
Soft case
Warranty Card
User Guide
Google Pixel 4a also comes with the following accessories:
Google Pixel 4a
18 W Power Adapter
USB Type- c cable
Google Quick Switch adapter
SIM Ejection tool
Warranty Card
User Guide
Sim TypeOnePlus Nord supports 5G+4G dual sim.Google pixel 4a supports 4G does not have a dual sim feature yet.
SoundOnePlus Nord only has a mono speaker.Google Pixel 4a has a stereo speaker so you can listen to music while working.
Connectivity FeaturesOnePlus Nord prime supports networks such as
5G+4G Support
4G, 3G, 2G
It supports several connectivity features, including:
USB connectivity
Google Pixel 4a supports several networks, including:
GSM, 4G, 4G LTE 3G
It promotes connectivity through:
Micro USB
Audio jack
ChargingAlong with the OnePlus Nord, you will be getting Warp 30W fast charging.Google Pixel 4a only comes with 18W fast charging.
Finger PrintOnePlus Nord comes with a display scanner.Google Pixel 4a comes with a rear fingerprint scanner.
 Is there is any heating problem on this phone?NoNo
Do these devices run games like pubg, COD, free fire on high settings? You can run COD, pubg and free fire on high settings on OnePlus Nord, but it struggles graphically with intensive games such as Fortnite and PubG. However, the games are still playable.You can run pubg and call of Duty on high settings on Google Pixel 4a but surely this device is also not meant for heavy gaming.

Final verdict of comparison between OnePlus Nord and Google Pixel 4a

After a detailed analysis of all the features of One Plus Nord and Google Pixel 4a, it can be concluded that OnePlus Nord is better and one step ahead in sheer technology. However, if you are a gaming lover and want fast speed under your fingertips, then OnePlus Nord is the perfect pick for you. Some of you would love to jump to 12GB RAM and 128GB storage and 5 G Dual SIM Connectivity. True to its fashion, yet again OnePlus Nord comes with powerful technology for all gadgets enthusiasts.if you are a photography enthusiast. Pixel 4a is an ideal pick for you.however neither gadget is packed with everything you desire. Your priorities would better dictate you when deciding what’s the best selection for you.