Blue cut glasses to protect the eyes

I know what light is, but what is blue light?

From your physics study, you must be knowing that white light is a combination of multiple lights. To explain with a twist, take a minute to imagine light to have a colored wavelength? The blue color wavelength is blue light. In simple words, a blue color, when visible in the light spectrum seen by human eyes, is termed as blue light.

How eyes are exposed to blue light?

Everyone who uses a smartphone and is working for long hours on a computer is very much exposed to blue light. It has the power to cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness. Apart from these, prolonged exposure can damage retina cells.

Therefore, to find a solution for people to protect them from blue light, blue light eyeglasses were invented. Let us understand the benefits of blue light eyeglasses.

What is blue cut glasses?

Blue light eyeglasses are made up of multi-layered patented coating, which reduces glare and reflection of light on the eyes, thereby protecting the retina. The glasses help humans as they are:-

Reduced glare
Reduction of blue light

How do blue light eyeglasses work?

All blue light glasses have acute filters in their lenses, which take away the blue light by absorbing it. It also helps in filtering UV light, and thus when people are working on a screen for long hours, especially in the dark, it helps reduce waves of blue light exposure.

Do I need blue light glasses?

One needs to count their average time in front of the screen. If they are exposed to long hours such as 11 hours at a stretch, they surely need blue light eyeglasses. Research has also proven that wearing light filtering glasses for 3-4 hours before bedtime can give peaceful sleep and power you up for the next day.

What to look for in blue light glasses?

When you are sure that you need blue light eyeglasses, make sure you buy with a certification that explicitly mentions the wavelength range. For a blue light eyeglass, the range should be at least up to 455 nanometres. 

What are the other causes of digital eye strain?

Not every strain on the eyes is caused due to blue light. When a person continually focuses on the screen, he will blink his eyes fewer times, and therefore it becomes dry. This increases eye tearing and dry eye syndrome.

Blue eyeglasses – helpful or just hype?

As per The American Academy of Ophthalmology, one does not require blue eyes glasses or special eyewear for computer use. They believe that people have complained about strains because of prolonged exposure to devices. On the contrary, many people who have chosen to use glasses have found a sense of relief in their eyes and sleep patterns and are happily using them. 

Remember, Blue light is everywhere!

Computers are not the only ones to bring in exposure to blue light, but they are everywhere today.

Most of our life has come close to screens such as television, mobile, tablets, etc. which contribute to giving out constant short-wavelength exposure to blue light. 

Selected Blue cut glasses that you can buy