Best Chromebook laptop in 2020

A Chromebook is a laptop or a tablet running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system.

It is a secure and straightforward operating system designed to function as a standard program. Chromebooks are nurtured to allow access to the lightweight operating system.

It is better when the tasks are browsing the Internet, streaming videos, and playing mobile games. Chromebook is less prone to viruses and malware. The devices are capable of performing a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome Browser with most applications.

Why should one buy the Chromebook?

When you need a smart and straightforward computer that can carry out your lightweight tasks easily, a Chromebook is a great choice.

It is just a simple three-step process; then, one should go for Chromebook; it is easy and worth every investment if you are not looking for the laptop’s specific functionality.

Though few Chromebooks can be reciprocated best in the market, the top five can be listed below.

Best Acer Laptop with i7 processor and 32 GB RAM

Best HP Laptop with i7 processor and 32 GB RAM

Best Lenevo Laptop with i7 processor and 32 GB RAM

Best Dell Laptop with i7 processor and 32 GB RAM

Google Pixelbook Go

Processor – Intel Core m3 – Intel Core i7
Display size – 13.3 Inches
Graphics – Intel Ultra HD Graphics 615
RAM – 8GB – 16GB
Screen – 13.3-inch Full HD( 1,920* 1,080) or 4K LCD Touch screen
Storage – 128GB – 256GB eMMC
Battery – 12 hours
(in hours)
Weight – 1 kg 60 g
Price – under $1000

As the tradition continues, Google has labeled itself when it comes to manufacturing the best Chromebook. No one can replace Google as the Chromebook, which proves that the devices can be stylish and powerful as the traditional laptops. The Pixel book Go brings a lot of premium features in the more affordable device.

The Pixel book has a more efficient feature is the excellent battery life as it can outlast many traditional laptops. You can go for a full day school and the office work without any hassle of charging it.

You can close the lid and go off a few days, and after opening, it will have plenty of battery life still left. It has a brilliant keyboard, which is worth pointing as it makes typing easy and works super incredibly comfortable.

Just that we have stopped using the more powerful laptops as Pixel book Go is that good.

Asus Chromebook Flip

Processor – Intel Pentium 4405Y – Intel Core m3-6Y30
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 515
Screen – 12.5 inch, FHD ( 1,920 * 1080) LED backlit anti-glare
Storage – 32GB – 64GB eMMC
Display size – 14 Inches
Weight – 1 kg 500 g
Price – under $700

Asus Chromebook is a brilliant example that proves that devices can be sleek, stylish, and premium with a budget-friendly option. It has an Intel Core processor and Full HD display as well as it is a powerful performer who can easily keep up with the day-to-day tasks which you are required to perform.

It gives the value without compromising on the section of performance it balances this tricky act, which many Chromebook fail to achieve irrespective of the price they want to conquer.

The Chromebook has been out for a while, but still, it’s brilliant performance always astonishes with the thin quality, and lights can put many expensive laptops to shame. If you are on a budget, then this one is the best.

Dell Inspiron 14 inch 2-in-1 laptop

Processor – 8th Generation Intel Core i3-8130U processor 2.2 Gigahertz
Graphics – Intel Ultra HD Graphics 620.
Screen – 14 inches.
Storage : 8GB RAM, 4 GB system memory to 128 GB eMMC flash memory.
Weight – 4 pounds
Price – under $600

The sleek aluminum exterior gives it an elegant touch and a 2-in-1 more polish, but it also feels pretty cool to touch it.

The thin side bezel offers the maximum screen space. The four viewing modes, a Full HD, IPS wide-viewing-angle screen, and an FHD camera located at the front, give the best view from every angle possible.

The backlit keyboard makes it easier to type even in the dim environment as sometimes the best ideas strike in the middle of the night.

It is lightning fast and surprisingly effortless, safe, and secure to access your files, photos, docs, etc. will all be very much safe in the cloud no matter what happens to your system plus, built-in virus protection lets you roam in the web without any worry.

Acer Chromebook 314

CPU – Intel Celeron N4000
Graphics – Intel UltraHD Graphics 600
Screen – 11.6 Inch LED (1366*768) high definition
Storage – 32 GB eMMC
Weight – 2 kg 220 g
Price – under $500
Battery – 12.5 hours

If you are looking for an excellent value of money, then Acer Chromebook 314 is the best. It is easy to use, reliable and has a beautiful screen and battery life (12 hours ). This combo also has a 14 inch crisp and bright display that can give you more screen for your productivity needs.

It has a keyboard that is satisfying and easy to use and the touchpad, which interacts very well with your finger commands. It strikes an outstanding balance between its design, usability, features, battery life, and performance while combating its limitations.

HP Chromebook 14

Processor – Intel Celeron N2840 – N2940
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics
RAM – 2GB – 4GB
Screen: 14 – inch, HD ( 1,366 * 768) Bright view
Storage: 16 GB – 32 GB eMMC
Battery – 12 hours
Weight – 1 kg 500 g
Price – under $500

The efficient use of Chrome OS and the bargain price is efficiently visible in the HP Chromebook 14. The 14 inch Chromebook is a tad more compact and always looks slightly better as it is complemented with the bright blue finish and the screen made with astounding it will offer the best value of Chromebook out there.

Though the battery life is average and performance is good, it can quickly come under the list of best Chromebooks.

It is one of the best options for people who want to carry a long-lasting laptop comfortably. If you’re going to work on while lounging on the sofa, it can be a great option.

Though the Chromebook is not as much consideration when it comes to any Windows 10 laptop’s functionality, the above five mention laptops can be taken into consideration while you are dealing with the budget-related issues or when you don’t want to indulge yourself in the complex system of the computer.

Lightweight work can be easily accessible with the Chromebook, so one can easily give it a try, and if it is a resourceful investment, you can, for sure, opt for Chromebook.