MongoDB in Action, 2ed: Covers MongoDB Version 3.0

Author: Kyle Banker, Peter Bakkum, Shaun Verch, Doug Garrett, Tim Hawkins 

Publiser: MANNING 

Pages: 375

"Through an unlikely turn of events, I started working for 10gen, the company spearheading the development of this open source database.

For two years, I’ve had the opportunity to improve various client drivers and work with numerous customers on their MongoDB deployments. The experience gained through this process has, I hope, been distilled faithfully into the book you’re reading now." - By KYLE BANKER
About MongoDB in Action by Kyle Banker
This book is a master piece for both developers and administrators. The books attempts to build the concepts from basics and moves at the right pace towards advanced concepts. It covers plethora of examples written in JavaScript, ideal for beginners and developers of MongoDB. It also focuses on MongoDB API. The book can be used both as tutorial as well as reference.

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