MongoDB Cookbook
Author: Amol Nayak

Publiser: PACKT enterprise

Pages: 388

MongoDB is a document-oriented, leading NoSQL database, which offers linear scalability, thus making it a good contender for high-volume, high-performance systems across all business domains. 

It has an edge over the majority of NoSQL solutions for its ease of use, high performance, and rich features. This book provides detailed recipes that describe how to use the different features of MongoDB. The recipes cover topics ranging from setting up MongoDB, knowing its programming-language API, monitoring and administration, to some advanced topics such as cloud deployment, integration with Hadoop, and some open source and proprietary tools for MongoDB. The recipe format presents the information in a concise, actionable form; this lets you refer to the recipe to address and know the details of just the use case in hand, without going through the entire book.

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MongoDB Cookbook Pdf
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