What are the Gateway deployment options in SAP Fiori Landscape

There are two Gateway deployment options available to the client.

Embedded deployment - In this deployment, the SAP Netweaver Gateway system is deployed on the SAP Business suite server. Hence both the Netweaver Gateway and the Business suite are on the same server.
It has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
Pros - No extra server is required and the cost of maintaining server is saved
Cons - If there are multiple Business suite, the Gateway system has to configure on all the servers and any update or configuration needs to be done in Gateway, the same needs to be repeated on all the systems.
The version of SAP Netweaver Gateway and the version of Business suite Netweaver needs to be upgraded simultaneously to avoid any conflict of versions.
The embedded deployment cons outweigh the pros, hence SAP recommends Central Hub deployment to its customers.

Central Hub deployment - In Central Hub deployment, the Fiori landscape has the ABAP Front end server which contains the SAP Netweaver Gateway and separate Back end server which contains the SAP business suite.
Pros - Separates the backed business logic from the from the front end UI components
It is more maintenance friendly as you don't disturb the Backend sever everytime you face any UI or browser related issues.
Is more efficient in handling external HTTP requests and response cycles due to separate server available to handle the load
It is more secure as the backend server is not hit directly by external requests
Cons - Need to maintain separate SAP Netweaver Gateway system.