Explain the SAP Fiori Landscape

A typical Fiori landscape consists of four layers:

Reverse proxy server - This layer handles the HTTP requests from devices and also send back the response to the devices. This also takes care of which sever to send accepted requests to. SAP recommends to have SAP Web Dispatcher as the proxy server.

ABAP Front end server - This is also known as the Front end Gateway server as it holds the SAP Netweaver Gateway and the UI components

ABAP Backend server - It consists of the SAP Business suite. It may be the latest S/4 HANA business suite or the older ECC suite. The backend server also holds the search model for Factsheets apps.

Database layer - The database can be HANA database or any other database. Transactional apps can run on any database. Factsheet, Analytical and Smart business apps HANA database to run.

HANA XS engine - known as HANA Extended Service engine is required by Analytical apps.