SAP Fiori Introduction

The series of articles that I have written will give readers a better understanding of SAP Fiori. 

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is collection of apps developed by SAP. These business apps are developed using SAPUI5 framework and can run on any device like desktop, tablets or smartphones. It is in paradigm with SAPs new User Experience.

What is SAP Fiori User Experience paradigm?

Before we discuss SAP Fiori User Experience paradigm, lets first understand
What prompted SAP to come up with the new User Experience model ?

The most widely adopted SAP user interfaces include

1. SAP GUI - SAP Graphical User Interface is SAPs universal UI technology for working with SAP systems, such as SAP ERP or SAP Business Suite. It is used to display dynpro-based applications created using ABAP language.

2. Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan Manager - Web Dynpro ABAP is the standard SAP UI technology for developing Web applications in the ABAP environment.

3. SAP Fiori apps, designed to be accessed using web browsers as well as from smartphones created by using SAP UI5 framework.

What prompted SAP to come up with new User Experience..

There are multiple reasons for it
1. Rapid increase in the use of mobile devices and smartphones
2. Simple intuitive design adopted by current generation app developers that gives a more satisfactory user experience.

"If we can access our Social network sites and various other information using smartphones, why cannot we access business applications on our mobile devices". SAP listened to their customers demand and came with all new user experience business apps. For all the apps created under Fiori brand, SAP followed their New User Experience design Paradigm that enables the user to work on business applications from any device and from any location.

The 5 factors of SAP User Experience Paradigm are:

Role-based - Rather than displaying an entire complex business transaction Role based apps display only the information and task that is relevant to the user. With this SAP achieves two fold advantage, secure as well as simple apps.

Responsive - Responsive apps work on all types of devices and provides a consistent user experience

Simple - While breaking down complex transactions into simple tasks, SAP made sure that the apps follow a simple 1-1-3 scenario ( 1 user, 1 use case, 3 screens ).

Coherent - To give a coherent look to their apps, SAP intends to make the Fiori apps intuitive and simple.

Instant value - The Fiori app created using above paradigm will be simple, intuitive and will have low barrier to adoption.

Now we can also understand SAP User Experience Strategy

For future, SAP will keep producing Fiori apps for their various LOBs. SAP User Experience Strategy includes New, Renew and Enable.

New- SAP will continue to produce new applications across various LOBs to meet customers need for simplified user experience.

Renew- Existing transactions will be given a new User interface based on above paradigm

Enable- SAP ensures to provide necessary tools so that customers may themselves renovate UI of business suite applications. This can be achieved by SAP Screen Personas. SAP Web IDE may be used to create new apps from scratch.

SAP has provided a comprehensive guide to understand its User Experience road map