Basics of SAP Script ( Getting Started ) - Part 1

Basics of SAP SCRIPT - Part 1

When dealing with forms in SAP, we have three options :
1. SAP Scripts
2. Smart Forms and more recently
3. SAP Adobe forms.

In this tutorial we will discuss the basics of SAP Script. You may refer the tutorials on SAP Scripts and SAP Adobe forms to know more about them.

Any business has to deal with various different types of print documents. The documents may belong to any business department and may change country wise as per the laws of different countries. Some common examples of print documents are Invoices, Sales Orders, Goods receipt, Payslips, etc. These might have to be printed in large numbers.

SAP Script is a tool to easily create or modify the layout of these forms as per the business requirement. SAP has provided standard Scripts for almost all different types of applications in business. An ABAPer job might be to change the existing layout or create a new layout along with its driver program as per the business requirement.

Driver program is also know as print program and is responsible to fetch and provide data to the form for print.

What is the Tocde to work with SAPScript?
Tocde for SAP Script is SE71

Components of SAP Script
SAP Script has two components
1. Form layout
2. Print or driver program